3 Best Vape Products For Good Sex Life

Image by haiberliu from Pixabay

People have their reasons for indulging in their favorite vape juices. Some choose e-liquids that make them relax, while others select vape juices known to lift their mood and add some color to their life. 

But then, some lesser-known vape products offer other unique benefits. For instance, some herbs possess aphrodisiac properties. E-liquids derived from such herbs can help enhance your sexual experience and get you in the mood.  

Before you ask the question, let’s understand what exactly the word aphrodisiac means so you can appreciate how some vape products qualify as one. 

What is an Aphrodisiac?

An aphrodisiac is any substance that increases the human libido and heightens the desire for sex. People usually mistake aphrodisiacs with physical stimulants. However, the two shouldn’t be confused since they differ in their functions. 

Physical stimulants boost fertility and remedy erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, aphrodisiacs stimulate arousal by influencing the brain parts that regulate the perception of pleasure. Hence, leading to intense feelings of desire. Several natural herbs can induce these effects when ingested due to certain active compounds they contain. 

However, the tricky aspect of using such herbs has to do with the mode of consumption. It just so happens that vaporizing these herbs is one of the most effective ways of directly consuming their active compounds. 

Hence, exploring these herbs with your vaping device can open up new erotic experiences for you and your partner. For those new to vaping, choosing the ideal e-liquid can be confusing. Hence, you might want to talk to an expert or book a free vape consultation at Kurevape to know your options. Here are three of such natural vape products and how you can expect them to influence your sex life

  1. Kola Nut
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Image by jcrane from Pixabay

Kola nuts have been popular in West Africa for hundreds of years. In the African culture, kola is an essential social fruit. The role it holds in that part of the world is merited because it boosts vitality and enhances physical and mental sharpness. 

Kola as a vape juice is one of the best options to help boost your sexual endurance. It can provide, both male and female, the stamina to enjoy each other. Thus, you can focus on your partner and overcome performance anxiety. 

It contains active compounds like caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline, giving it the potency to elevate your game in the bedroom. These compounds belong to the group of xanthoid alkaloid stimulants that affect the central nervous system. Furthermore, each of these compounds is 100% bioavailable after intake. 

Therefore, the effects should kick in minutes after vaping. You can buy kola vaping products in three different forms, namely powdered, shredded, and whole. However, you might want to start with the shredded style because it easier to use and best suits several vaping devices. Remember to adjust your temperature to 185°C to 200°C because kola nuts can be pretty dense. 

  1. Maca Root
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Image by Ethan Parsa from Pixabay

Maca, also known as Lepidium meyenii is believed to originate from Peru and belongs to the Brassicaceae family. People from that part of the world cultivate it for several reasons for over 2000 years. It’s has been valuable as a food supplement and famous for the medicinal properties it possessed. 

Among all the tuber plants known to man, few can be compared to maca for its unique aphrodisiac effects. The maca plant belongs in the radish family and is believed to come from the high Andes of Peru. It is rich in energy and stamina, which will help heighten your physical abilities when ingested. 

Vaporizing it only makes its effects further-reaching and faster to feel. It may revitalize your central nervous system (CNS) and elevate your senses. Also, maca has in-depth research backing its possible aphrodisiac and psychotropic properties. 

The maca root is sold mainly in powdered form. Simply sprinkle it sparingly into your favorite vaporizer. But remember not to tamp it down so the air can freely circulate. Finally, adjust the temperature in your vaporizer to anywhere between 150°C to 200°C.

  1. Damiana
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Photo by Sabrina Rohwer from Pexels

Damiana is a herb originating from Mexico and Texas. It is packed with natural compounds known to induce euphoria and sedation in humans. The effects of this plant are comparable to a mild cannabis high. 

In Mexico, the Damiana liqueur has served as an active aphrodisiac for many years. Also, the Mayans of old used damiana tea to arouse both males and females during sex. Vaping the plant immediately releases active compounds that may produce euphoria, leading to a significant boost in sexual pleasure

With the laid-back state of mind you can achieve with damiana, you may experience more profound feelings. The molecule responsible for this effect is apigenin. Apigenin is a flavonoid with a high affinity for adenosine, benzodiazepine, and opioid receptors in the brain. Although it might come off dull and easygoing, the effects of damiana are deceptively potent. 

Therefore, you need to use it with care to avoid vaping yourself into a dreamless sleep. The aim is to reach a sensual mood. Thus, you want to monitor how it affects your body and adjust your dose accordingly. 

Similar to the kola nut, you can find it shredded or powdered. Again, the shredded type goes better with vaping. Just remember to put your temperature at 190°C to unlock the aphrodisiac properties locked in the damiana. 


Like most private things in life, discussing your sex life and buying products to improve it can feel uncomfortable, especially if you’re new to the entire idea. Nevertheless, people have been using natural aphrodisiacs for centuries, and these three vaping products are based solely on such natural products. 

In case of doubts, reach out to experts to discuss your options and the best ways to use such e-liquids for the best results. Finally, always practice safe sex. Therefore, it’s advisable to discuss these vaping products with your partner before the fun begins.