5 of the Most Common CBD Myths

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With over 74 thousand searches for “CBD” a month in the UK and 1.1 million globally, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the potential benefits and effects of CBD. Some of the whispers are true (yes, it really is that easy to take), and some of it is pure myth. Cannaray CBD busts five myths about CBD that need busting NOW!

CBD Will Make Me Feel High

Globally “Will CBD Make Me High?” has on average 9.2k searches each month as people can’t get their head around the cannabis-derived supplement, but the short answer is no. 

CBD has no intoxicating effects, but the myth comes from a series of misinformation around its plant-based origins. Because CBD is extracted from hemp – which is a type of cannabis plant – some wonder if it could produce the same ‘high’ that’s commonly associated with cannabis.

However, CBD is just one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Another, called THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), is responsible for creating an intoxicating effect. Not only does hemp produce very low levels of THC, but the compound is also largely filtered out through the CBD extraction process, meaning CBD does not make you feel ‘high’.

In the UK, the legal restriction on THC levels in CBD is 0.03%. This is a tiny, tiny amount that you would not be able to feel. But, because we believe in giving you that extra confidence in the products you use, all of our CBD oilsCBD capsulesCBD gummies and CBD topicals are THC-free.

CBD is Illegal and will show up in a drugs test

In 2018, the farm bill passed the usage of hemp, where we extract CBD from. So the isolate and other cannabinoids extracted strictly from the hemp plant is perfectly legal today. So, what’s interesting about legal CBD is that the percentage of THC present has to be lower than 0.3% to remain legal and to be sold over the counter.

Drug tests do not screen for CBD – as CBD is not a drug. However, depending on the CBD brand and product you purchase, some CBD can contain traces of THC; another compound found in cannabis which is screened for on drug tests. Cannaray CBD are proud members of The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA), which is dedicated to preventing doping in sports.

All CBD products are safe

When you purchase CBD, make sure you purchase it from a credible resource. Until recently in the UK, the majority of CBD products have been unregulated, so essentially anyone can come out with a product and put it on the internet to sell. That was until the European Commission announced that is considers CBD qualifies as a novel food and therefore it is provided to meet the conditions of EU legislation on novel foods. 

Novel foods cannot be used in food unless they have been through an approval process to check that:

  • they do not present a danger to consumers
  • their use does not mislead consumers
  • they are not so different from the foods or food ingredients that they are intended to replace that their consumption would be nutritionally disadvantageous to consumers (in other words, choosing to eat them over traditional foods would not leave consumers lacking in vital nutrients)

All Cannaray ingestible products are compliant with the Novel Foods regulatory process and can be found on the FSA’s published list of CBD brands and safe to use! So be vigilant when buying online from unknown retailers, you can check the list of approved products here: https://data.food.gov.uk/cbd-products/products-list 

CBD Can’t Work With Other Vitamins, Too?

There are over 900 search terms related to “can I take CBD with” But can CBD work with other vitamins – you guessed it – CBD works alongside a host of immunity-supporting nutrients. 

The Bright Days CBD Capsules are supercharged with a premium dose of vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc in each of the capsules; all of which are proven to contribute to a healthy immune system. That boost of vitamin C can also reduce tiredness and fatigue, while zinc may promote normal cognitive function. 

CBD Dosage is the Same for Everyone

This all depends on the CBD products you’re taking, as well as your biological make-up, and even what you’ve eaten that day. Put simply, the length of CBD performance and dosage will vary from person to person. 

While we recommend all CBD beginners start low and go slow with their dosage, you may want to adjust that amount over time to find a level that works for you. For some, that might be just one AM dropper of CBD oil per day, while for others it could be a combo of a day time capsule and a night time drop of oil. Simply follow the starting-out dosages below, track the experience with our seven-day CBD diary, then level up as and when you feel you need to. It’s all about listening to your body.

Bright Days CBD Oil Drops: Two droppers of the 500mg formula or one full dropper of the 1500mg formula.

Bright Days CBD Capsules: Two capsules per day.

Bright Days CBD Gummies: Up to three juicy gummies per day.

Night Time CBD Oil Drops: Two droppers of the 600mg formula or one full dropper of the 1800mg formula.

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