5 Tips To Grow Sour Diesel Hemp Flowers Indoors

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Sour Diesel Gets its name from its intense, unique diesel-like aroma. Its energizing qualities and cerebral high are also legendary. In case you need a strong psychedelic high, you cannot do better than this particular strain.

Also called Sour D, the strain is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, made in California in the 1990s. But instead of its popularity, the exact origin of the strain is still a subject of debate. Maybe the mystery only enhances its reputation. Given below are the tips to grow Sour Diesel Hemp Flowers indoors.

  1. Feeding the Sour Diesel Hemp Flowers

The plant has a high nutrient requirement. They need a high level of nitrogen during the vegetative stage. During the growing process, you will need potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. But if you plan to use soil as the growing medium, keep in mind that nutrients are naturally present.

Thus, you will need to be careful about adding additional nutrients or risk adversely affecting your plants. The plants can die if you keep giving extra nutrients to them regularly. New growers need to use soil for the Sour Diesel strains to keep a buffer between the plant’s root systems and the chemicals.

You need to carefully curate and nurture your plant to make sure it has the right amount of nutrients. For instance, something like Lazarus Naturals CBD gummies tastes better because of how carefully curated they are.

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  1. Use Low-Stress Training for Sour Diesel Hemp Flowers

Sour Diesel is a pretty tricky strain to grow, and it provides moderate yields. It usually stretches to the first month of flowering, and at ten weeks, it is rather lengthy by marijuana standards. You might need to invest in low-stress training if the growing tent is on the smaller side. 

After completing low-stress training, you need to expose the bud sites on the lower ends of the plant to direct light for improving growth. Low-stress training is all about training the marijuana plants minus pruning or cutting them. The minimal equipment requirement is one of the best things about low-stress training.

You need wooden skewers, plan ties, and duct tape to get the job done. Drill holes in the pots’ lips to make sure the shoots have enough support while bending. Also, bend the plant shoots outward.

  1. The Importance of Soil Microbes for Your Flowers

Soil microbes work by connecting to the roots of your plants, and the fungi go into a symbiotic relationship with the plant. It is a potent and effective way to feed and protect your plants. This kind of relationship is what makes life a possibility on this planet. One of the bacteria that can genuinely help with your hemp flowers is Bacillus Thuringiensis. It is a natural pesticide and bacterium. Like all other plants, even Sour Diesel Hemp is susceptible to pests.

Some common ones include spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, fungus gnats, and fungi like mildew and mold. A good thing about this bacteria is that it is effective against a lot of common pests. You can use either Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki to make your Sour Diesel Hemp plants grow strong.

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  1. Understanding the Humidity Needs of the Plant

Sour Diesel can grow well in a broad range of temperatures. However, you need to ensure that the temperature does not fall by more than ten degrees at night. Though most cultivators do not face any issue in maintaining the right temperature, humidity is completely different.

As you might already know, all plants need carbon dioxide from the atmosphere where they grow. This process involves plants opening up the stomata and capturing the carbon dioxide. It makes water go up through the plant from the roots to leaves and, then, to the atmosphere. 

If you keep the plants in low humidity, it will keep drawing water from the soil rapidly. When the humidity levels reach a certain point, your plants will stop drawing water and end up losing it through their stomata. The ideal humidity level for your plant is around ten percent during flowering.

  1. Keep an Eye Out On the Temperature Level

One of the finest investments you can make is buying a digital hygrometer or thermometer, as it will help you monitor humidity and temperature. Always make sure that the temperature is taken in the shade. Keep several fans around to increase the airflow. If the temperature goes beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit, decrease it by putting an extractor fan and a filter. But beware of those HPS lamps if you are growing Sour Diesel in a small room. It can cause the temperature to go to at least 120 degrees.

You should not increase the temperature while the lights are on, as the lamps make sure that the growing room gets all the heat needed. The temperatures can get too cold when the lights go off. Put a space heater in place to maintain adequate heat levels.


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Wrapping Up

Ensure that you follow the tips given above to grow your Sour Diesel Hemp Flowers long and strong. You need to ensure that the water, temperature, and humidity levels are correct. Besides that, keeping the pests at bay is crucial. For that, spray some coriander oil, garlic oil, or clove oil to the plants after regular intervals. If you take care of the plant well, it will give you flowers in no time.