5 Ways to Consume Cannabis (Besides Smoking)

Cannabis is one of the oldest herbs to be used, and the first documented case of its use dates back to the second century. Cannabis is mostly consumed through smoking (joints, blunts, bongs, pixpes). However, respiratory issues and smoke sensitivities may prevent some people from enjoying cannabis. Additionally, cannabis smoke can be very potent and the scent is usually very distinguishable, so you may want a more discreet way to enjoy cannabis. 

Luckily, there are several other methods to consume cannabis for those who choose not to consume it through smoking.

1. Edibles

Edibles, which are cannabis-infused foods or cannabis gummies, can be produced at home or commercially. They are typically made with cannabinoid crystals, but baked goods can be made with cannabis oil or cannabis-infused butter (cannabutter). 

As they are consumed orally, edibles have a delayed effect and prolonged impact on the human body. Cannabis edibles have considerable amounts of THC, leading to several effects such as euphoria, paranoia, and relaxation.

On most occasions, cannabis edibles are consumed for recreational purposes, while a lesser percentage is used for medicinal purposes. Some cannabis edibles may have lower amounts of phytochemical THC and an alternative higher amount of cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis users who dislike smoking can usually purchase cannabis edibles from a dispensary bend in Oregon, or wherever you may live. Just be sure to do some online research to see if a dispensary is located in or near your area.

2. Topicals

Cannabis topicals may be a surprising method of cannabis consumption, but cannabis topicals do in fact exist. Cannabis topicals come in different forms, such as balms, oils, lotions, and sprays. They can be used for first-aid treatment, as well as for pain, inflammation, and soreness. Cannabis topicals can also be used as skincare and makeup products.

Cannabis topicals work wonders when used due to their unique phytochemicals, including THC and CBD. When the topicals are applied to the skin, these phytochemicals do not possess the ability of mind-altering effects; instead, the applied cannabis works locally where it is applied, thus reducing inflammation. In general, if you’re searching for natural remedies to pain or natural face and body products to use, cannabis topicals may be a huge benefit to you.

3. Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures represent one of the oldest forms of medicinal preparations, and, today, cannabis tinctures are a popular way of consuming cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Tinctures are liquid forms of highly concentrated herbal extracts, and cannabis tinctures represent a highly concentrated liquid with cannabis extracts. Cannabis tinctures are easy to produce and boast a long shelf life; thus, they are an excellent option for people who are not interested in smoking.

Cannabis tinctures are ingested orally and pass through the liver before getting to the bloodstream. Due to this fact, like all other orally consumed cannabis products, they may have a slightly delayed onset of effects, ranging anywhere from about 10 to 45 minutes after intake. To know the amount of cannabis tincture to use, you need a dropper, and you can tailor your dose starting from 2.5mg up to 50mg.

4. Cannabis Powder

Cannabis powder is another interesting way in which cannabis can be consumed. The powder comes in a form of powdered THC which easily dissolves when added to water and many other solvents. Cannabis powders are easy to use and have a quick effect on the body as compared to other ways of ingesting cannabis orally. Additionally, cannabis powder helps you turn any drink into an edible infusion.

5. Vapes

Vapes entail heating the cannabis in a vape. The high temperatures release cannabinoids and several other compounds in the air, expelled in the form of vapor inhaled. The good thing is that this method of consuming cannabis is smokeless and is not as harmful to the respiratory system as smoking is. Vaping cannabis has long been considered the least harmful cannabis consumption, as special equipment like a vaporizer is used to produce cannabis vapor from the dried cannabis plant. Additionally, vaping can accommodate many cannabis products such as oils and concentrates.


Not everyone enjoys or is even able to enjoy cannabis by smoking it. Therefore, consider these five alternative ways that cannabis can still be consumed and enjoyed.

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