Advantages of Growing Indoor Cannabis Plants

Advantages of Growing Indoor Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis takes a considerable amount of knowledge, time, and patience. However, when you’re thinking of taking a step towards growing your own, it can be tough to choose between outdoor and indoor cannabis growth. Luckily, here are the advantages of growing cannabis.

Better THC Levels

Compared to outdoor-grown cannabis, the THC is higher in indoor-grown strains. Moreover, more cannabis users opt for extracting from indoor plants due to the higher trichome count and dense nugs.

For outdoor cultivation, there are fewer dense nugs and a lower trichome count, thus decreasing potency. Because of a controlled indoor environment, you can adjust the light, humidity, and temperature to the exact climate for optimal growth, producing better bud growth and higher THC levels.

Controlled Environment

There are specific requirements needed to grow healthy, bountiful cannabis plants. Cannabis requires warm, low-humidity temperatures in the evening and hot temperatures with sunlight throughout the day. Moreover, germinating seeds appropriately is crucial for optimal growth and harvest.

When you grow cannabis indoors in a consistent, controlled climate, you’ll have a healthy harvest without worrying about unpredictable weather conditions. Instead, you’ll always have optimal climatic conditions by controlling CO2 production, temperatures, humidity, and light.

Faster Seed-To-Harvest Period

Another advantage of growing cannabis indoors is the rate of growth and harvest. Usually, an indoor cannabis cycle takes three months from planting to harvest, but it can vary based on the strain you grow.

Meanwhile, outdoor cannabis can take at least nine months until they’re ready for harvest. This delay occurs due to the environment’s natural and uncontrolled climate conditions. Because you have consistent climate control with indoor harvesting, you can produce multiple harvests throughout the year.

Lower Insert and Pest Chances

In outdoor growing environments, there’s a higher chance of your cannabis being at the mercy of pests and insects that bring significant damage. As with any crop, cannabis has different types of pests that can hinder its growth, such as hemp russet mites and corn earworms.

While pests and inspects for indoor growth are still risks, the chances are lower. Insect prevention is imperative for growing cannabis, but it’s easier to monitor and control indoors.

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