CBD and ALL the Moods

does CBD actually improve mood

There are a lot of things we do every day that can improve our mental state – exercise, connection to loved ones, therapy and more are all important to our holistic well-being. When these methods fall short people often look to CBD for mood regulation and improvement. However, the question must be asked – does CBD actually improve mood? The answer is that it really all depends. Cure Crate has countless customers who have found the top-rated CBD products inside of Cure Crate improve their general mood. 

However, everyone is different and there is still research to be done on the effect of CBD on our mood. That being said – we’d like to address some of the common areas of interest when it comes to CBD and our mood! Be sure to also check out our posts on Pain, Sleep, and Skin. 

How does CBD help improve moods generally?  

  • First of all, have you read our article “How Does CBD work?” – if not, start there, because we’re jumping right in with the lesser known endocannabinoid system!  
  • The endocannabinoid system helps modulate our moods with recent data showing that cannabinoids or other substances that target the ECS may interact with specific brain regions, including the medial prefrontal cortex, amygdaloid complex, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, and hippocampus. 
  • Taking CBD can have a significant positive impact on this central area of the brain which in turn has a tremendous effect on how we feel.  
  • The clearest and often ignored answer of how CBD can improve mood is answered in our posts on CBD’s effect on Pain, Sleep, and Skin. 

What about specific needs like anxiety and depression?  

  • First of all – you should always consult a medical health professional to diagnose or treat serious conditions such as depression or anxiety. 
  • There was research posted earlier this year which indicated initial positive results showing that CBD may be effective in reducing social anxiety In a study posted earlier this year there was data shared from a study involving a simulated public speaking test. 
  • The subjects were given either 600mg of CBD or a placebo prior to speaking publicly. 
  • The results showed that pre-treatment with CBD greatly reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in the group’s speech performance. 
  • With regards to depression – last year a study was published with evidence suggesting CBD promotes an antidepressant effect in animal models due to its ability to interact with multiple neurotransmitter systems involved in depression. 
  • Lastly CBD induces physical changes in brain regions related to depression neurobiology. 

Can CBD replace my anti-depressants or therapist?  

  • We definitely do not advise coming off your prescription medications without talking to a doctor, and as mentioned above 
  • CBD is only one supplement to help us along the way – plus, therapists rock! We all need multiple tools in our box to get through life and use different tools at different times. 

How should I take CBD to help with my mood?  

  • First – consider what is at the root of your less-than-ideal moods. Is it a lack of sleep? Pain? We’ve got recommendations for that too. 
  • Now, for managing anxiety and depression we recommend finding a tincture, oil, and/or edible amount you can rely on for morning, afternoon, and evening (geared for sleep as needed).
  • Look for specific terpenes and other ingredients to help with your target issue – for example, if you are looking for something uplifting / for energy, you may try extra ingredients like green tea or terpenes like limonene. 

Conclusion – CBD is a beautiful and complex thing not much different from our minds. Everyone is different and it’s impossible to say for certain that CBD will improve your mood. 

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