CBD and Your Health: Here’s What You Need to Know

Cannabis liquid. Vape CBD or THC, Vaping Marijuana Leaves and Hemp. On a dark background. Hands run the vape.

CBD and cannabis have seen tremendous levels of growth and interest over the past few years as an emerging medical treatment. So much so that these products are now becoming part of mainstream culture as many states begin to relax their cannabis laws.  Along with the avid interest though, there needs to be education on proper use and efficacy, so that consumers understand the possible medicinal benefits for pain, sleep, anxiety, inflammation, and disease.

But what is CBD? And why is it so effective for so many different health issues? While CBD offers a wide-range of therapeutic benefits, many people are unaware of just how many positive benefits it has. In fact, most don’t even know for sure how CBD works. We chatted with Dr. Leslie Apgar, a board-certified OBGYN with 17 years of experience in direct patient care. She has a passion for helping patients find ease and health through quality medical cannabis and natural medicine. Dr. Apgar discussed some of the ways that CBD can improve your health, such as helping to manage pain, reduce stress and anxiety, or assuage depression.    

Why do people take CBD? 

Many people are aware of the anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and balancing indications of CBD. There is a lot of anxiety and depression especially these days, as we are all navigating the Covid-19 pandemic together, and we have seen sales spike due to this indication especially.

What are the potential benefits of using CBD?  

We see particular benefits when larger doses of CBD are combined with very small amounts of THC with certain terpenes, or plant compounds that have distinct odors and flavors. These compounds interact in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

What are the most popular ways to take it?

Most popularly, patients use tinctures or capsules, but it is also available in flower form from hemp, and in vape carts and disposables. CBD is much more bioavailable when smoked or vaped and lower amounts can be ingested this way for the same effects as larger quantities taken orally. 

Describe and dispel some of the common misperceptions about using CBD.  

CBD is non-intoxicating, though CBD products purchased from unreliable sources may either not contain CBD, nor the amounts listed. Further, they may be contaminated with intoxicating compounds such as delta-8-THC or delta-9-THC. 

Is CBD use harmful?  

CBD has not been found to be harmful, though large amounts will cause some patients to become fairly sedated. A large dose preparation of CBD exists in the pharmacology world called Epidiolex, which is used to treat refractory seizures in some rare seizure disorders.

Can you overdose on CBD?  

You can overload on anything, but you won’t experience the annoying side effects seen with THC. Depending on how CBD is consumed, you might feel sedated if too much is consumed. 

Dr. Leslie Apgar is also the co-founder and medical director of Greenhouse Wellness, a medical cannabis dispensary, as well as Co-Founder of Blissiva, a female-focused cannabis line. Dr. Apgar is also the Founder of PuraVida, a Maryland-based cosmetic spa and laser center, which continues to thrive well into its tenth year of operation. 

She and business partner Gina Dubbé are the authors of the bestseller High Heals: How Two Women Found Their Footing in the Medical Cannabis Industry, which chronicles their personal, medical, and entrepreneurial journey from best friends and suburban moms to vocal advocates for shifting the narrative on medical cannabis. Dubbé and Dr. Apgar have been featured on the Today Show, The Jillian Michaels Show and the Insiders Podcast and in Forbes, Green Market Report, The Business Monthly, Maria Shriver’s Newsletter, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance and more.