How can CBD Oil Benefit You Sexually

A woman taking a drop of CBD Oil on her tongue

While it’s said that CBD may help you get a good night’s sleep, could its benefits in the bedroom extend beyond drifting off for a restful eight hours? Here, Cannaray CBD reveals what we know to be true about CBD, cannabis, and sex – plus the three ways you can put it through its paces. Keep scrolling for the full lowdown.

Currently, no clinical studies are exploring the impact of CBD on sex. However, a survey by Remedy Review found that 68% of people say CBD improves their sex life. Furthermore, scientists have explored the relationship between cannabis use and various areas relating to sex, including libido and male performance.

Such studies are still in their infant stages, and more research is required, but early signs indicate that cannabis may have a positive effect. 

For example, in one survey, researchers noted an association between the increased frequency of cannabis use and increased male sexual function. Another study saw 127 women use cannabis before sexual activity, with “most women [reporting] increases in sex drive, improvement in orgasm, decrease in pain, but no change in lubrication.” 

Of course, the results of these studies do not confirm CBD impacts sex. However, CBD effects may indirectly offer some benefits for your sex life. Proper blood flow, low-stress levels, balanced hormones, and pain relief are associated with better sex life. Interestingly, CBD can balance them all!

Helping You Relax

When you’re stressed and distracted, you might find getting in the mood for intimacy challenging. Your mind is elsewhere, preventing you from loosening up and enjoying the moment. And although there’s currently no research on CBD’s effects on sex-related stress (such as performance anxiety), there is evidence to suggest that the compound can impact your general mood.  

Cannaray CBD expert Dr. Balu on the impact of CBD on anxiety, “Taking CBD is a great natural supplement which has proven effects on lowering anxiety and stress levels. Studies have shown that CBD reduces the behavioural symptoms of anxiety and physiological symptoms such as increased heart rate. Some people have reported lowering of anxiety levels resulting in better control over emotions and feeling more relaxed while taking CBD.” If you want to try it for yourself, consider taking a dropper of the CBD Oil Drops when you’re feeling wound up. Then, relax, unwind and focus on time with your partner. 

Addressing Pain

It’s estimated that 40% of all women experience pain during sex.

Not only does this impact pleasure, but it can also affect your intimate connection with your partner. There’s no current clinical proof that CBD can help with this problem – known as dyspareunia – but anecdotal evidence suggests that, in some cases, it may soothe discomfort and relieve pain. 

In one survey of 502 people, 26% said they ingest CBD to alleviate pain during sex, and 98% of that group found it to be an effective treatment. Most participants also said their favored type of CBD is edibles, with quick and easy-to-take gummies proving particularly popular. In fact, CBD Capsules and CBD Gummies make adding cannabinoids to your routine simple. You can take one or two every morning or night.   

A Boosting Massage

Is there anything more sensual than a massage? Helping you bond with your partner and set the mood, it’s the ultimate in foreplay. Bonus: it triggers the release of serotonin and eases aching muscles, too. However, no romantic massage is complete without oil or balm to help fingertips glide. That’s where our cult-classic CBD Muscle Balm comes into play. 

With the soothing scent of eucalyptus and a gentle tingling sensation, it’s perfect for working out knots, melting tension away and creating a sense of calm. The balm is specially formulated to stay on skin, so it won’t ruin your sheets. Plus, the very act of touching your partner can release the ‘cuddle hormone’, oxytocin, which increases trust. 

How to Use CBD for Sex

To sum up, you can use CBD oil to improve your sex life in the following areas:

Before sex: take CBD oil, capsules, or gummies before sex to promote relaxation. You can use these forms of CBD for general supplementation and improve your body’s response to stress.

During foreplay: use a CBD lotion or massage balm to make the foreplay more enjoyable.

While there’s not a whole lot of research available on this topic, we can assume that CBD can help improve a person’s sex life by reducing anxiety, improving blood circulation, relieving pain and modulating the activity of our hormonal glands based on clinical evidence and reports. We encourage you to experiment with different types of CBD products and discover what works for you!

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