How It Feels When You Vape For The First Time

If you’re entirely new to vaping, we know how confusing it can feel to walk into a vape shop for the very first time. First of all, you’re not alone. Many people have been in your position. Many people even opt for vaping to help them quit smoking. 

Finding a person who is an avid vaper and a top-class vape shop are all recommended steps. They can significantly help you choose the vape juice with the right nicotine strength and the best vape device. It would be best to research vaping products to gather information on the best device/liquid combination that will fully suit your vaping needs. 

However, it would help if you also prepared yourself for vaping for the first time. While it is a bit similar to smoking, it’s also very different. You need to inhale the vapor to provide a slight throat hit, depending on the strength and type of nicotine. This short guide is going to inform you of a few things a new vaper should know.

There’s a wide range of different e-cigs and vape pens!

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Many first-time vapers make mistakes by thinking that the e-cig or a vape pen they wanted was the right one for them before they tried it. Others don’t even bother trying different options other than the first one they bought. 

Just like smokers have different tastes regarding the brand of cigarettes they prefer, the same goes for e-cigs. The chances are that the one you initially wanted won’t suit your vaping needs. Try different e-cigs with different starter kits to find the right one for you. 

It takes some time to get there, but you can start searching for a suitable vaping device by paying a visit to your local vape shop and asking around. Or, you can research on the internet to see what avid and experienced vapers are saying about different vaping devices. 

Your first time greatly depends on the quality of both your device and the vape juice you use. You’ll also need to clean your device from time to time to get the best experience with each session. You can tap into a wide range of the best bong cleaner that will do the job nicely.

Be prepared to cough at first!

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Coughing is expected when you vape for the first time. If it happens, there’s nothing to worry about. Even though smoking and vaping provide two completely different sensations, both have coughing in common. 

Smokers will also cough the first time they try vaping since vapor is thicker than cigarette smoke. This is why vaping can cause you to cough. However, thanks to the wide variety of e-liquids at your disposal, you can quickly solve this problem.

Dry mouth is a common thing!

Dry throat, nose, and mouth are all everyday things for first-time vapers. There’s nothing to worry about if you get one or all three; it’s normal. This happens because of the ingredients in your vape juice, most of which are hygroscopic. 

In other words, they draw water to them, leaving you with a dry mouth. This will disappear the more you vape. If it annoys you too much, drink some water when you vape.  

Abandon your habits as a smoker!

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The biggest mistake former smokers make when they vape for the first time is that they do it like a smoker. They tend to puff harder on their e-cigs as puffing harder on regular cigarettes results in more smoke. 

This isn’t how it works with vaping. Vaping takes time as your device needs time to prepare and produce vapor. Vaping means taking steady, slow, and longer puffs. You will soon notice a huge difference. Also, smokers tend to smoke cigarettes constantly. This isn’t recommended with vaping as you can have nicotine headaches, throat burns, etc. 

It may feel frustrating at times!

The thing with cigarettes is that they provide almost an instant nicotine hit. When it comes to vapes, it takes a bit longer to achieve the same effect. However, there is also a benefit here – the effect tends to last longer. 

Sometimes, you might think that you need another puff, but you’ll notice that you’re good if you wait for a few minutes. The good thing is that you’ll easily and quickly get used to this difference.

There are side effects of vaping too much!

Finally, if you vape too much, you may experience mild side effects like dizziness, mild nausea, and headaches, but these will pass quickly. If it happens to you, just stop vaping and wait for these to pass. If you notice that it happens every time you vape, you should reconsider your vape juice choice and nicotine strength. Going with lower nicotine strength usually does the trick. 

The best way to ensure you enjoy the first time you vape is to choose a starter kit according to your vaping needs. Each one is different, with different features that cater to the individual needs of vapers. They provide all the things you need to start your vaping journey. 


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