How To Keep Your CBD Flower Fresh

It’s now easy to find the best quality CBD flower, especially through online sites. It’s because of the high competition. Many countries have legalized this product. It has led to a tremendous popularity increase in cannabis and its products. While buying hemp flowers to smoke, be keen to buy them from reliable farms. Go for products from organic farms that don’t use chemicals to increase productivity. They can cause side effects. 

After spending your money on this high-quality and lab-tested CBD flower, store it well. Many people aren’t aware of poor storage, even for short periods, it can alter the flavor and potency of this hemp flower. Here, you will get the environmental factors that affect hemp. You will also get the best storage advice for hemp. 

Environmental factors affecting the hemp flower

Many factors affect the hemp taste and potency. They include humidity, heat, light, physical damage, airflow, and chemical exposure. 


You will mistreat the hemp flower when you leave the buds out on any rolling tray. When you expose CBD flowers to open air, they will dry up and lead to cannabinoids and terpenes oxidizing. 


Light is an essential factor that can reduce CBD hemp flower potency. Cannabinoids will degrade when you expose the hemp flowers to light. It would help if you stored the hemp buds in a cool, dark place. You will preserve their potency and freshness. 


Excess humidity will encourage mold, which destroys the hemp flowers. You will have respiratory issues when you inhale any small amount of mold. Throw away moldy flowers. 

Store your buds in a dry area and give special care in monitoring the humidity levels. It’s a significant step for people living in wet areas. The recommended relative humidity (RH) range for hemp flower storage is 60 to 65 degrees far away. You can gauge the RH by placing a humidity measuring device known as a hygrometer in the storage areas. 


It’s an enemy of the fresh hemp flowers. Excessive high temperatures can damage the buds in many ways. They will dry out when exposed to high heat. The effect of this is a flavorless or harsh taste. Another result is that a hemp flower will oxidize at higher temperatures. It will cause the degradation of CBD beneficial compounds like terpenes. 

Heat ruins the CBD flower by promoting mildew and mold. Many fungi reproduce fast in higher temperatures. You need to keep your CBD buds far away from any heat source. There are like chimneys, sunlight, stoves, and other heat-generating sources. 

Chemical exposure

The common mistake made by many people is storing the hemp flowers in plastic bag containers. They make the hemp flowers to be vulnerable to physical damage. While in these containers, it’s easy to squash the buds or cause the break-off of the trichomes. 

Valid containers to store hemp flowers

Stainless steel and glass are the best storage containers for hemp flowers. The colored glass jars are the best as they limit some light. Always choose pots that are easy to seal tightly. Fill the jars to ¾ to give space for the accumulation of gases. Have a desiccant pack and hygrometer inside the jars to record the humidity. There are also cannabis and hemp humidity packs that you can buy. 

The decorative stash boxes are popular in the storage of hemp flowers. The wood terpenes can alter the bud’s flavor.


There are different CBD products. You need to know the unique requirements that each requires when it comes to better storage. Whenever you notice a black spot and mold on the CBD, dispose of it to limit the side effects of using it.