Learn About The New Way To Vape Cannabis

A lot of cannabis users are losing out on the ease and potency of vaping because dab rigs intimidate or simply don’t suit them. That is not hard to understand since these rigs have a host of disadvantages.

Did you know that you can vape without dab rigs or electric vaporizers that cost hundreds of dollars? Just create your own THC vape juice and start vaping instantly.

You’ll actually see that doing this can save you money, especially if you’re hooked on pre filled vape cartridges right now.

Even people who’ve never vaped cannabis before can benefit from this explainer article. Learn the basics and how you can make your own DIY cannabis ejuice.

First, You Need Cannabis Concentrate

Before you are able to start vaping your own THC juice, you need to buy some cannabis concentrate. These substances are extracted, potent forms of cannabis. They are available in several textures and different names. Each name refers to the form the concentrate is in, except for rosin which varies from brittle to waxy.

Otherwise, anything with ‘oil’ in the name will be more or less a liquidizer reviews. Wax is sticky and mostly solid, like taffy. Shatter is thin, rigid and glass-like. Crumble looks exactly as it sounds, and so on.

In order to make cannabis concentrates, some processing is required. In the case of rosin, which happens to be a really pure concentrate, heat and pressure squeeze the buds until they release their potent cannabinoids. Some terpenes also escape, giving the concentrate some aroma.

In the case of PHO (propane honey oil) and BHO (butane honey oil), a chemical solvent gets flushed through cannabis buds, separates these exact same elements from the plant itself, and then leaves through flushing.

Overall, concentrates are much more potent than cannabis flower because they are an extraction of the active components.

Cannabinoids: The Active Ingredients In Cannabis & Concentrates

Both hemp and marijuana plants produce cannabinoids to keep themselves healthy. When humans ingest these substances, they interact with the Endocannabinoid System. This system is a network of receptors, enzymes, and/or fatty acids.

Dabbing The Old Way: Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are the things that first introduced cannabis smokers to vaping. They’re essentially water pipes with special fittings that accept concentrates instead of cannabis flower. Those fittings are called nails.

This sounds well and good and did revolutionize cannabis consumption. The problem is that dab rigs are expensive, inconvenient, and require something to heat up the nail.

That something is usually a torch. Not exactly safe. Electric nails do exist and are very convenient to use, but not convenient to travel with. They need an external power source and plug into the wall.

Da rigs have come a long way, and today there are some extremely high-end rigs that are battery powered, compact, and portable. The problem is, they’re a sizable investment!

Your Own E Juice Goes In Any Vape

If you already have a vape, you can put the e juice you make into it. If you don’t, you can pick up a simple pod or atomizer system for a fraction of the cost of a dab rig.

How To Make The Juice

You are going to need a couple of items to get going with this process. The first is a product known as THC vape juice. Wax Liquidizer https://www.waxliquidizer.com/pre-filled-vape-cartridges-tasty-savings-made-easy. This solution mixes with the concentrate of yours and creates a liquid compatible with any type of vaporizer.

Yes, you can use the same vapes that your nicotine fiend friends used to quit smoking to vape your cannabis.

It’s even easy to make, once you’ve chosen a flavor from the 6 on the Wax Liquidizer website and placed your order. It ships quickly to almost anywhere in the world.

Measure out the liquidizer to manufacturer directions (2ml to each gram of wax) and placed it in a tiny, heat safe container.

Microwave the container or use a hot water bath to warm up the concentrate and liquidizer until they’re combined. You’ll have to stir a little but they mix easily in seconds.

As soon as the mix is combined, you can transfer it to your vape. As you get comfortable with how to mix your juice, you can experiment with using slightly more or less liquidizer to adjust consistency and potency.

Some people like stronger e juice that gives an effect closer to dabbing. Others like to maintain their experience on a moderate level and may prefer a slightly more diluted juice. You’re only constrained by what your vape will handle.

A Trend Worth Chasing

What are you waiting for? Claim your first order discount at the website today by entering your email and signing up for the mailing list. Make your life easy and grab that kit, too.

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