McMa Encourages Members to Provide Cannabis Products to Severe and Terminally Ill Patients at Low or No Cost

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The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Board of Directors has unanimously passed a resolution that encourages its members to create programs to offer cannabis products at low or no cost to patients who are severely ill or have terminal illnesses. Each member company will determine whether, when and how to implement individual programs in their retail locations. 

The MCMA program follows the lead of the pharmaceutical industry to make sure patients in greatest need are able to obtain medicine that is tested, labeled, tracked and licensed. 

“Just like any other form of medicine, patients with cancer and other severe or terminal illnesses deserve to know their cannabis has met the highest standards for testing, tracking, licensing and safety — and our members’ products do just that,” said Stephen Linder, MCMA executive director. “Michigan’s patients rely on cannabis as medicine and deserve to know where their cannabis comes from and what’s in it. We encourage our member companies to assess the specific needs of these patients in their communities and help ensure they have access to safe, tested cannabis products.” 

The program reflects key components of the bipartisan Michigan Cannabis Safety Act, which helps ensure all patients and consumers in Michigan have access to cannabis products that are tested, clearly labeled, tracked and licensed. 

The following is the text of the MCMA resolution: 

“The Board of Directors of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association hereby resolves:

The membership of the MCMA is committed to making sure that patients and children with chronic illnesses such as cancer, auto immune diseases, autism, and many other chronic or terminal illnesses should have access to safe, tested and cost-effective medical cannabis products. 

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Board of the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association encourages each member to develop their own program to offer low-cost or free Medical Cannabis and Medical products and develop the criteria to do so and advertise their program independently to the public. 

The Board of the MCMA is taking the Best Practice from the Regulated Pharmaceutical Industry to assist Americans in obtaining the medicine they need by offering these life-saving drugs at an affordable cost to the most vulnerable citizens. The Board of the MCMA is proud to emulate this compassionate program and to provide Medical Cannabis products that are tested, safe and of the highest quality and purity to treat children and those with chronic or terminal illnesses.”


The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association is an association of many of the State’s largest Growers, Processors, and Vertically Integrated Cannabis Licensees. All members of the MCMA must be licensed by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency.