Moonstone Stone Stopper™ Launches World’s First Kidney Stone Prevention Gummy

Moonstone Nutrition, a Pittsburgh-based startup, has added Stone Stopper™ +Immunity gummy to its line of kidney health products. With clinically significant amounts of alkali citrate, Stone Stopper™ gummy is the world’s first alkali citrate gummy that prevents kidney stones.  

“Moonstone’s new gummy offers consumers a delicious and easy way to add alkali citrate to their daily routine,” said Salim Rayes, President and CEO of Moonstone Nutrition. “Alkali citrate is known to increase urine pH and urine citrate, making the kidneys inhospitable to the formation of kidney stones.”

Moonstone Stone Stopper™ was developed by world-renowned kidney stone doctors and is scientifically proven to reduce the formation of kidney stones. More than 33 million people in the U.S. suffer from excruciating kidney stones and 49 million suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD). Stone Stopper™ is the first effective kidney stone supplement and beverage on the market with true functional health benefits. It is available in supplement capsule, gummy and ready-to-mix (RTM) beverage powders.

Moonstone products are currently available on Amazon, and CVS Health Hub stores nationwide. For more information, visit