New Company Launch – Rare Cannabinoid Company Goes Beyond CBD with Targeted, Customizable Hemp Extracts

Rare Cannabinoid Company is pleased to announce its launch this week as one of the first – if not the first – company to bring a new form of hemp and cannabis wellness to the public through rare cannabinoid oil tinctures.

In addition to CBD, did you know that there are more than 100 “rare” or “minor” cannabinoids that also exist in hemp and cannabis? Just like CBD and THC, scientists believe that each cannabinoid produces a different mental or physical effect.

For example, CBN may promote sleep. CBG is being studied for its potentially powerful antibacterial properties. CBC may be a potent anti-inflammatory and THCV is said to be an energizing appetite suppressant. Until now, these compounds existed in such small quantities they could only be found in trace amounts in full spectrum CBD and THC oils.

Now, genetics and technology finally exist to be able to isolate and amplify these rare cannabinoids, allowing Rare Cannabinoid Company to create a variety of tinctures so people can customize their own cannabinoid wellness regimes to their exact needs.

It is the latest groundbreaking innovation from the creators of Hawaiian Choice, the popular premium line of CBD products found in 150+ luxury retailers from New York to Japan.

“Our customers were telling us they wanted specific cannabinoids for targeted results and couldn’t find them, so we found a way to fill this need,” said CEO of both companies Jared Dalgamouni.

“People can take control of their cannabinoid intake and mix and match exactly what their body needs at that time,” he said, regarding the way the tinctures are sold as:

Single Extracts: Naturally flavorless 500mg isolates of CBN, CBG, CBC or THCV in organic MCT coconut oil.

Full Spectrum Blends: 250mg rare cannabinoid mixed with 250mg CBD oil in organic MCT coconut oil, lightly flavored with food grade organic Italian lemon and wild orange oils.

In keeping with the companies’ Hawaiian origins, the CBD used in the blends and in the company’s 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Base Oil comes from hemp grown on a small, organic, sustainable farm on the island of Kauaʻi.

As more rare cannabinoids become available, the company will also manufacture tinctures with them.

Regarding the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine measures, Dalgamouni said: “It’s not an ideal time to launch a new brand, but we feel that this is such exciting new territory for hemp and cannabis wellness that we didn’t want to delay it.”

“Given the current state of the economy and peoples’ desire for alternative wellness, we adjusted our Rare Cannabinoid Company pricing and also lowered the cost of our Hawaiian Choice tinctures and topical gel to make all of our products accessible to those who need them most.”

Prices start at just $49 on and at select retailers.

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