Royal CBD Expands Product Lineup with Two New Offerings

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The first half of 2019 was a great year for Royal CBD following the launch of its new cannabidiol (CBD) product lineup. The company aims to offer premium-grade hemp extracts to offset the abundance of mediocre products currently saturating the marketplace.

Earlier in 2018, Royal CBD released two products — a 250mg bottle and a 500mg bottle of high-grade, full-spectrum hemp oils. Royal CBD opted for a simple and honest formula consisting of organically-grown hemp extracts and high-grade MCT oil.

Now, just in time for summer, Royal CBD is announcing the release of three more products to its lineup and some exciting new options for the current oils in its arsenal. 

The first addition is a high-potency option in the CBD oil catalog. At double the strength of its current highest potency option, Royal CBD’s new 1000mg full spectrum CBD oil is a remake of its classic CBD oil formula delivers approximately 1mg of CBD with every drop. 

On top of this, Royal CBD is adding two distinct flavors to the entire oil range — mint, citrus — in addition to the natural (unflavored) oils.

Royal CBD now offers their oils in a softgel capsule format as well — making it more convenient for customers to take their CBD with them while on the go — perfect for travelers, athletes, and those who don’t like the taste or texture of using an oil. These capsules come with the same high-quality hemp extract used in their premium CBD oil lineup and provide 25mg of CBD per softgel. 

The third addition includes CBD-infused gummy supplements (10mg), available here. Founder, Justin Hamilton, stated in a recent interview “[he was] blown away at how the CBD community received our products. Our team reached out to see what our customers wanted next and there is a lot of interest in CBD-infused gummies. We took the same focus and attention to quality in creating our current products and got straight to work on some gummies.”

“Dosing CBD gummies can be unpredictable,” says cannabis expert Steve Clint, “manufacturers often use cheap CBD isolate and old-school processing methods that leave the final gummies with irregular doses of CBD. You never really know how much you’re going to get with each bite.” 

Royal CBD opted for a different method, borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry to accurately measure and distribute the CBD isolate in the gummy formula. It’s this type of parallel problem solving that separates Royal CBD from the pack. “It may cost more to use techniques like this, but it makes a much bigger impact on the end product. We don’t settle for anything that isn’t the best. It’s what our customers have come to expect” — says Hamilton in a followup question. 

Despite being a newcomer in the cannabis industry, Royal CBD is making leaps and bounds with the products it’s pushing onto the market. The brand continually innovates to provide honest CBD products at a respectable cost.

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