Should You Mention CBD on Your Business Cards?

Should You Mention CBD on Your Business Cards?

Professionals in almost every industry carry business cards with them. These cards act as introductions to fellow professionals, and anyone interested in your work, such as potential clients and partners.

Most professionals only provide the necessary information on these introductory cards. This can create a dilemma for people who work in the CBD industry. CBD and other cannabis products are still controversial in some areas, and people don’t want to put divisive information on their business cards. However, they don’t want to ignore an important part of their business either. So, should you mention CBD on your business cards or not? We explain below.

No, Some Areas Don’t Allow Public CBD Advertisements

While CBD legality is progressing across the US, many areas still put major stipulations on the product and related advertising. If your area doesn’t allow public CBD advertisements and marketing, you may not want to mention CBD on your business card. While your business card isn’t a public advertisement, some recipients may not react well to seeing the CBD mention. Since you want your business card to leave a positive impression, you may want to err on the side of caution and leave the CBD mention off for now.

Yes, but Focus on Health and Wellness

Despite the controversies surrounding CBD, it is a medical product with health and wellness benefits. You can focus on these benefits and the solutions they offer patients. While you can’t promise specific results on your business card, you can explain your business goal of improving patients’ health and wellness. CBD and other medical products help you accomplish that goal, so you can safely mention it on your business card in this way.

Sometimes, You Need Separate Cards

One of the common myths about modern business cards is that you only need one type. Debunking this myth is especially important for the CBD industry. Instead of stressing over whether to include CBD on a business card, design separate but similar cards for different recipients. You can mention CBD on one card but leave it off the other. Carry both cards with you and hand out whichever card you think the recipient will appreciate more.

You should mention CBD on your business card if you want to focus on the goals of your business and how CBD helps you achieve them. To avoid potential controversies, you can leave CBD off your card entirely or design two separate cards to appease different recipients.