Sustainable Packaging Ideas for Cannabis Products

Kraft paper packaging with a cannabis product inside and a cannabis leaf and ramekin of product leaning against the package.

Cannabis and sustainability go together in the eyes of many consumers. On top of this, sustainability is one of 2024’s top custom packaging trends. These factors make it important for companies producing cannabis products to design packaging with a low carbon footprint. Below are several high-quality, sustainable packaging ideas for cannabis products that will delight customers.

Hemp Packaging, of Course

Why not package cannabis in cannabis? Hemp is both rapidly renewable and biodegradable. Its durability makes it ideal for a variety of packaging types, from boxes to wrappers. Though it is not the most affordable packaging material on the market yet, it is becoming more accessible. Regardless, the cleverness of selling a cannabis product in a package made from cannabis-plant fibers won’t go unnoticed by customers.

Glass and Metal Containers

Glass and metal containers have the advantage of looking and feeling high quality—which they are. Customers love the thickness and durability of these materials, and they happen to be infinitely recyclable without loss of quality or purity. This makes glass and metal excellent choices for preserving the quality of cannabis products while adhering to environmental standards.

Recycled and Upcycled Materials

What if the paper box or lined pouch of your gummies was 100 percent recycled? Recycled paper—or any recycled material—takes on an aesthetically rustic look that speaks to its sustainability. Customers will appreciate the look and effort behind each product wrapped in recycled packaging.


Sometimes, packaging impermeability is necessary to protect product integrity. That’s why plastic is such a popular packaging option. But what if even plastic could be sustainable? Derived from renewable resources, bioplastics break down much faster than traditional plastics, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of the cannabis products that use them. Utilizing this advanced material allows producers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, all the while maintaining the freshness and integrity of their products.

The use of sustainable packaging for cannabis products is more than a trend—it’s a necessary evolution of the industry. With these ideas, you can rebrand your cannabis products in a way that reduces your environmental impact and speaks to customers.

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