The Benefits of Recycling Cannabis Waste

The Benefits of Recycling Cannabis Waste

Every industry generates waste; cannabis is no exception. However, providers specializing in THC and CBD products have a unique relationship with their byproducts due to varying legal measures across the country. Pennsylvania cannabis businesses must follow strict disposal laws to keep their doors open.

You could dump your unrecognizable waste in a landfill. However, the benefits of recycling cannabis waste are too good to ignore. Whether you’re a health care provider or a consumer, knowing how to deal with your excess sustainably is helpful for everyone.

Decreases Material Costs for Providers

Growing, maintaining, and selling cannabis products costs money. Providers are always looking for ways to reduce material spending. Recycling cannabis waste is the best and most environmentally friendly way to do that.

Repurposing cannabis materials isn’t just about reusing organic matter. It also applies to solvents, packing supplies, and any other contaminated products. Reduce your overall spending by finding new ways to use your already-existing materials.

Improves Soil Health Through Composting

Recycling takes many forms. Cannabis is unique because it’s nearly 100 percent biodegradable. This quality makes it perfect for composting.

Growers need fertile soil to grow healthy plants. One of the benefits of recycling cannabis waste through composting is the added nutritional value. Adding organic materials to soil increases root depth, balances soil pH, and prevents erosion, among other advantages.

Composting is the future of waste management. Instead of adding to landfill occupancy, cannabis providers can choose a more sustainable option.

Complies With State Regulations

You can’t just dump your waste anywhere and call it a day. The cannabis industry has strict regulations on just about everything, including disposal. Fortunately, recycling your byproducts complies with most state regulations.

In states like Pennsylvania, providers must make their waste “unusable and unrecognizable.” Mixing products with organic materials to make compost accomplishes exactly that. Recycling plants can also turn waste into usable items as long as they are careful with material makeup.

These advantages don’t even cover the massive environmental benefits of recycling cannabis waste over landfill dumps and incineration. If you want to provide better services and products for your patients, choosing a sustainable disposal method is the way of the future.