The Importance of Quality Testing for CBD Products

The Importance of Quality Testing for CBD Products

In a period where CBD products are more popular than ever and have a growing industry, it’s important to examine the quality of these products. Learn the importance of quality testing for CBD products and how it can benefit both the seller and consumers of said products.

CBD Products Aren’t Federally Regulated

Some consumers are surprised to learn that the US FDA doesn’t already regulate CBD products. The FDA recognizes the potential for CBD products as forms of therapeutic treatments and products but does not currently regulate CBD. This is why third-party testing options are so important for CBD companies that wish to market and prove the efficacy of their products.

Consumers Know What They’re Buying

Because CBD products are not FDA-regulated, there are fewer opportunities for customers to understand the full details of the products they’re buying. With the sheer amount of CBD on the market currently and the growing industry, third-party testing is more important than ever. Testing can help prove a company’s claims about the strength of their CBD products and their ingredients. There are many different types and categories of CBD products, and testing can help solidify that these types of CBD products are what they claim.

Distinguishes Good Companies From the Bad

By participating in an unbiased, third-party test of their products, CBD companies can show that their products are completely transparent and have nothing to hide. This helps distinguish the good CBD companies from the bad ones or those that try to take advantage of a customer’s trust and sell them a faulty product. When CBD companies participate in third-party testing, it helps build trust between them and their consumers.

CBD testing is a positive process for everyone involved. It helps provide jobs for lab technicians and creates a transparent product for CBD companies and consumers. We hope this brief explanation has helped you understand the importance of quality testing for CBD products. If you’re interested in providing more insight and information on CBD products, you might want to consider starting your own hemp testing laboratory.