Understanding the Different Kinds of Crimes

If you have a news app on your phone or if you watch the news after work, you’ve probably seen people commit or stand trial for many different kinds of crimes. Here’s your guide to four of the different crime categories and what they mean for the accused.

1. Inchoate Crimes

People who are accused of inchoate crimes began to break the law but did not complete their intended actions. People who help other people commit crimes may also face inchoate criminal charges, though. Conspiracy and aiding and abetting are both examples of these charges. Depending on the circumstances, people accused of inchoate crimes may receive the same penalties as if they had actually completed the crime. In most cases, these suspects are held until they or a loved one pays for bail bonds Allentown PA.

2. Crimes Against People

Some of the most infamous crimes are crimes against people. These actions include violent crimes, such as abuse, rape, and arson. They also refer to all kinds of murder, including voluntary manslaughter and second-degree murder. Violent crimes and homicides frequently lead to long-term prison sentences because of their severity.

3. Financial Crimes

When people who work in the banking industry or trade stocks face criminal charges, they are usually accused of financial crimes such as failing to pay taxes, blackmailing one’s competitors, or embezzling money. Modern crimes involving hacking or data theft often fall under this category, too. While these crimes are associated with the financial industry, they can occur in all sectors. For example, someone who runs a pizza restaurant may commit tax evasion by falsifying his or her paperwork or claiming exemptions that do not exist.

4. Crimes Against Property

If people harm others’ property rather than taking their money, they are charged with crimes against property. These crimes may involve the destruction or appropriation of the property in question. Different kinds of theft, such as robbing a house or shoplifting at a mall, count as crimes against property. The severity of these crimes varies widely, and so do the penalties. For example, if a teenager vandalizes a fence, the penalties are much less severe than if he or she steals a car.

Learning about the different crimes that people can be accused of helps you understand the legal system a little better. It also gives you an idea of what can happen if someone commits a crime against you. 

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