University of Wisconsin Partners with CytoCBD to Study Cannabidiol & Clinical Effects on Humans

The University of Wisconsin (UW) is a leader in the cannabis research space, with expertise and experience in many areas. As more news and marketing surrounds cannabidiol (CBD) products, academic institutions, like UW, have found a need to step up and legitimize the science behind its well touted effects. To do this, scientific studies and clinical trials have come to the forefront in the medical research of CBD.

Dr. Natalie Schmitz spearheads the research at UW and has unique expertise, previously having worked as a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist. Dr. Schmitz holds multiple doctorates that include a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) and Ph. D. in Clinical Pharmacology. With experience in Regulatory Affairs, Research & Development, and Clinical Pharmacology, Dr. Schmitz found a passion in cannabinoid science and the potential benefits it can bring to patients.

“While working as a Medical Cannabis Pharmacist, I recognized immense benefit that cannabis medicine brought to many patients, however, there is a lack of rigorous research that evaluates important components of safety & efficacy,” said Dr. Schmitz. “With the support of CytoCBD, my research program seeks to address these gaps and gain the knowledge to optimize these therapies.”

Dr. Schmitz and the UW team will be partnering with CytoCBD, a part of The Anthos Group, to conduct human clinical trials in 2020. The team will be studying specific pharmacokinetics to understand the absorption and distribution in the body, using different routes of administration that include oral and topical formulations.

“Many studies have been published that are focused on the therapeutic efficacy of CBD in stress, anxiety, sleep, and pain. We are thrilled about this partnership with the University of Wisconsin to explore the science behind the therapeutic potential and to learn what we can improve to create better products,” said Dr. Cohin Kakar, Chief Marketing Officer of CytoCBD.

The CytoCBD product line is a true seed to shelf product, with over 200 acres of hemp farms in Eugene, OR. The company advises that being able to offer transparency and controlling every step in quality from the organic agriculture, novel extraction, to final formulation is what makes their products stand out and potentially work better than most brands. CytoCBD employs a clinical team of Pharmacists and Physicians that contribute to the formulation of final products, that are all manufactured in FDA registered cGMP facilities.

“After speaking with many CBD companies, CytoCBD stood out to our team as they really understood the clinical science and nature behind their products. We are excited to bring our patients high-quality products that can potentially bring them relief in the most challenging symptoms,” said Dr. Schmitz.

CBD represents a new potential frontier in health and wellness, offering an organic product that is well tolerated to treat symptoms that providers and patients can struggle with.

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