Using CBD to Aid Recovery During Autumn Running Season

Autumn running is officially the best running season! Regardless of where you live, the transition from summer to autumn usually means cooler temperatures, less humidity, and fresh, crisp air. Autumn is the ultimate time for new and experienced runners to dust off their running shoes and the absolutely perfect season from 5k to a 26-mile run.

1. It’s cooler

After a positively tropical summer, there’s a crispy chill in the air that is most welcome after a few miles. That means you can reasonably jog to brunch without drowning in your own sweat.

2. There’s still plenty of light

The nights might be getting longer but it’s still bright until about 7.30pm and the sun’s up by 6.30am – meaning that commuter runners have plenty of time to get to and from the office without having to don the hi-vis. Start getting into running now while you have that light and you’ll find it easier to adjust as the days continue to shorten.

3. You delay the inevitable three-month party season

For many of us, running is about maintaining a basic level of health and fitness. Once summer is over, there’s a brief hiatus before the winter party season kicks off – starting with Halloween and ending with celebrating the start of the new year. Stick to a regular running regime and you’ll find that you might be less tempted to start your six-nights-a-week party habit until the party season is underway.

Take advantage of running in autumn this year by enjoying some long runs, hard workouts, and plenty of recovery. That’s where Cannaray’s CBD comes in.

Ease your muscles with an at-home massage. A massage is made easier with a cream or balm to help hands glide. The CBD Muscle Balm: is perfect for its massage-enhancing qualities. A little goes a long way with this eucalyptus-infused balm. Because you need such a small amount (around 1/2 of a teaspoon), you’ll find a pot that lasts a long time, even if you’re applying it to pressure points every day. Warm a little in the palms of your hands before your massage, so it smoothes over the skin with ease.

Dr Balu, who is on Cannaray’s Scientific Advisory Board comments, “We all have cannabis receptors within our body – some within the central nervous systems and some peripherally. The peripheral ones are involved in the inflammatory response, and cannabinoids are [believed to be] anti-inflammatory. Swelling and Pain are often manifestations of an inflammatory process. Studies have shown that cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents and they exert their effects through induction of apoptosis, inhibition of cell proliferation, suppression of cytokine production, and induction of T-regulatory cells, perfect to help ease any swelling or inflammation from injury or overexertion on the court”

CBD can also be a great way of boosting your energy levels to get you up and active and help maintain energy levels during long-running sessions. 

Gregor Zorn, Chief Scientific Officer, Cannaray comments, “Due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of CBD, it can help in reducing the downtime needed by your body after a period of activity and promote regeneration helping you to keep going for longer. Studies have shown that it can reduce the pro-inflammatory molecules which increase the inflammatory process, which in turn can hinder regeneration.”