Vero Naturals Offers Free Green CBD Powder to Any Organization or Brand Interested in Conducting Case Studies on the Effectiveness of CBD and Cannabidiolic Acid

Vero Naturals, an innovative business to business ingredient provider of the world’s first Nano green cannabinoids also known as gCBD, has announced it will provide any interested brands or organizations with free gCBD to conduct case studies. The initiative has launched in order to help further demonstrate the effectiveness of CBD and the hemp plant’s various helpful compounds, such as cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), which is profoundly present in gCBD.

CBDA is one of the most powerful and effective cannabinoids that is naturally produced in the cannabis plant and has been found to be 1,000 times more potent than CBD in reducing acute nausea. CBD comes from CBDA as it is a precursor for the compound and it is only turned into CBD if the plant is exposed to a chemical process known as decarboxylation. Unfortunately, extraction processes including CO2 that most companies currently utilize decarboxylate the CBDA into CBD. These extraction processes lead to capturing only a portion of the plant’s more than 500 compounds thereby rendering them unable to provide the powerful Natural Entourage Effect that is delivered by the original plant. This means, when case studies are conducted using a non-gCBD product, they are not utilizing the plant to its full potential.

Vero Naturals’ patented Particle Reduction Process does not decarboxylate the cannabinoids nor use chemicals or CO2, to turn the hemp plant into an ultra-fine green powder that houses a multitude of beneficial compounds, including CBDA plus other cannabinoids and terpenes that are typically lost during most extraction processes. The particle reduction process ensures the powder has a maximum bioavailability for increased metabolic absorption and effectiveness. Vero Naturals gCBD is the whole plant in powder form containing Nano sized particles, which is something no other CBD company can offer. It provides the end consumer with more benefits than traditional CBD oil, balm or isolate. Furthermore, the particle reduction process results in the most effective, 100 percent Natural Entourage Effect possible.

“Vero was born to move the cannabis industry forward and through this initiative, I believe we can do just that,” said Vero Naturals President and Co-founder, Rory Millikin. “Right now, there is minimal research on CBDA and we have the power to change this. When analyzed in a leading lab, Vero Naturals’ gCBD powder showed CBDA as the most potent cannabinoid. Up until Vero’s gCBD was recently commercially released, it was very difficult to obtain CBDA in any kind of quantity thus there is an unfortunately low amount of research and trials on this incredible acidic that was discovered by the Godfather of Cannabis, professor Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University, Jerusalem. However, each study that has been conducted shows incredibly promising results. We feel confident that by providing those interested in conducting case studies on CBD and/or CBDA with free gCBD, we can make a difference in millions of lives.”

Studies have found that CBDA doesn’t simply interact with the endocannabinoid system, it works by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) enzyme, which is associated with inflammation. Additional studies found that CBDA might influence serotonin-related 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptors, which is an important discovery for cancer patients, individuals with mental health disorders, those prone to epileptic seizures, and more.

Millikin continued, “This is the ideal time for brands to do right by their customers by dedicating time to researching the best quality ingredients that are not only effective but are clean. Additionally, research organizations can utilize our free gCBD to elevate their studies and have the potential to change the world through their findings. This is a unique time we are living in, but one thing that stays constant is the need for impactful discoveries that might lead to amazing products.”

Leading CBD expert, Harvard University graduate, author and former United States Army Medic, Dr. Gregory Smith said, “I have utilized gCBD in various case studies and can confidently say that there is nothing else on the market that compares in quality, wholeness, effectiveness and bioavailability. The current studies on CBDA are incredibly promising and if the discoveries hold true, this compound that is found extensively in Vero’s gCBD truly can make an impact on many lives.”

Vero Naturals Green CBD is currently used in popular consumer brands such as Kopari Beauty which is available at Ulta nationwide and has already seen large success and outstanding feedback from customers that entrust the products and brands to offer them unique products made with real ingredients like Vero Naturals.

Brands interested in partnering with Vero Naturals to create their clinical trial are invited to get in touch with Rory Millikin at Limited quantities of free gCBD are available and the amount will be determined upon consultation. For more information on Vero Naturals please visit