Why Has the Cannabis Industry Thrived During the Pandemic?

Why Has the Cannabis Industry Thrived During the Pandemic?

Cannabis has struggled to gain positive mainstream recognition, but the last decade has significantly changed this perception. People are beginning to view cannabis more positively, viewing it as a normal, day-to-day thing. During the pandemic, many businesses struggled, but cannabis held onto its reputation and not only survived but thrived. Read on to learn more about how the cannabis industry thrived during the pandemic.

It Was Viewed as an Essential Item

A significant reason cannabis did not suffer as much as other industries during the pandemic is that consumers viewed it as an essential item, with groceries and hygiene products. On top of this, while people were ordering delivery and pickups from restaurants and grocery stores, cannabis dispensaries were similarly innovating. As a result, consumers could do contactless pickups or even deliveries in some areas, making the purchase of these substances easier than ever before.

It Replaced Other Activities

For some consumers, cannabis was already something they used in their everyday lives. For others, a lot of their hobbies were unavailable during the pandemic. Because people couldn’t go and hang out with friends, go to parties, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, etc., they were in their homes and turned to other forms of entertainment. Cannabis revealed itself as an excellent alternative for many. Not only did it keep many entertained, but it also relieved many others’ feelings of anxiousness and paranoia regarding the pandemic.

Industry Development

A significant reason why cannabis not only survived during the pandemic but soared to new heights is that it has been in the middle of significant developments. The industry as a whole has been steadily improving and developing newer products. Additionally, newer technology makes the industry more efficient. For example, companies have continually improved their trimming systems, reducing the touch-up process from 70–80 percent down to 30–50 percent. The industry has even embraced machinery, debunking the myth that machines damage trichomes and many other trimming myths.

Increased Legalization and Acceptance

On top of these other points, many more states were legalizing the substance before and during the pandemic. More people were going to consume cannabis and its other substances due to the legalization. Many others felt the pandemic was the perfect time to give cannabis a shot. On top of this legalization, other cannabis substances such as CBD and delta-8 were becoming more widespread and accepted. As a result, people had multiple options for consuming cannabis, making its use more widespread than had there only been one consumption choice.

The cannabis industry thrived during the pandemic for multiple reasons, and it will likely grow even more in the next decade. Cannabis is a disruptor, changing the way people consume and changing attitudes toward similar substances. As it continues to grow, it may soon become an essential item found in many homes.