Why Technicians Test Cannabis for Pollutants

Why Technicians Test Cannabis for Pollutants

Anyone who consumes cannabis should know that their product is safe and pure enough to use. But this isn’t always the case. While some more nefarious dealers may add harmful substances on purpose, you should also watch for less insidious pollutants. Read about why technicians test cannabis for pollutants.

Consumer Health

Consumers use many cannabis products in medicinal settings. Doctors who prescribe cannabis shouldn’t have to worry about the purity and safety of the treatment they recommend to patients. That’s why pesticide testing in cannabis and hemp goes a long way toward securing the health of all consumers.

Even for recreational users, cannabis testing is vital for the long-term sustainability of their practice. If you constantly inhale and ingest harmful pollutants, you’ll slowly but surely create a toxic environment in your body. Cannabis users should acquire their product from trusted vendors who clearly advertise and document their commitment to pure items.

Regulatory Compliance

While the driving force for cannabis testing is consumer health, it’s also critical for purveyors of cannabis products. When you sell or distribute marijuana products, states require approval from regulatory bodies to ensure above-board practices. This often includes a technician or specialist testing the product to check whether it’s up to standards.

Potency Information

Testing cannabis reveals the potency of the product itself. While everyone wants to reap the benefits of cannabis products, you should understand the potency of what you use, especially as it pertains to THC.

Think of it like alcoholic beverages. Alcohol itself is the same across the board, but wine, beer, bourbon, tequila, and moonshine each contain very different alcohol percentages by volume. Similarly, cannabis users should understand the potency of their cannabis, so they know what to expect after consumption.

Knowing why technicians test cannabis for pollutants can help medical professionals and recreational users alike maximize their cannabis use.

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