Does your favorite CBD oil secretly contain toxins and other impurities? 

Inesa Ponomariovaite

Hemp expert calls on a higher power to set the highest standards in the unregulated CBD industry 

Many people today turn to CBD oil as a natural way to manage everything from inflammation to depression. But because the industry is largely unregulated, it’s buyer beware. “I’ve discovered that even products labeled as certified organic are filled with lead and mercury,” warns holistic health practitioner and hemp expert Inesa Ponomariovaite. “Filling your body with toxins will make you sicker, not healthier.” 

While hemp contains hundreds of cannabinoids, each with different health benefits still being discovered, the damaging harsh chemicals and extreme heat commonly used during the extraction process can render those compounds less effective. 

Ponomariovaite is changing the CBD industry by establishing the highest possible standards for hemp oil. To understand what that means, and how her standards may positively impact your health, it’s helpful to learn more about who she is.  

A bright beacon in the hemp industry  

Born and raised in Lithuania, and now living in the U.S., Ponomariovaite draws her strength from her faith and a painful past. Her greatest joy comes from changing the lives of others, whether that’s by building water wells and churches in impoverished countries, or through her hemp business, Nesa’s Hemp.

Ponomariovaite became interested in natural remedies after using them in conjunction with dietary changes to recover from her own illness. Soon after, when her mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and given six months to live, Ponomariovaite knew she’d found her life’s purpose: to help heal people. 

She extensively researched alternative medicines including ancient Chinese and holistic practices. “I believed my mother’s diagnosis was a sign to do whatever it takes to find a solution. And that’s exactly what happened. She recovered without the use of chemotherapy or radiation.” 

It was through this experience that she discovered hemp is the king of healing plants. She was excited to use hemp’s powers to support her patients’ health. However, there were big obstacles. 

Plants are meant to heal people 

The cannabinoids found in hemp are believed to behave similarly to the cannabinoids produced naturally by the body. “I am still amazed at how much power hemp contains to heal the body, mind and spirit,” says Ponomariovaite. “I began searching for a company that produced a finished hemp product that contained every single compound, the way God made it. 

“I sent product samples to labs. I visited the farms and tested the soils. I found the biggest scams you can imagine, from products labeled organic that contained lead and mercury to lab after lab  willing to fake results. These people are all about the money. And because the industry is not regulated, they can say anything they want on the label.” Even the top cannabis scientists in the world told her no one was doing it right. 

“When I discovered how much of hemp’s goodness is lost in the typical CBD-making process, I said ‘no more!’” She now wants to educate the public on how to shop for the best-quality CBD oil. 

Ask the right questions  

Ponomariovaite says there are important distinctions that will help you find a safe, pure and effective hemp oil. Questions to consider: 

  • Does the product carry the Tested Safe Seal? “This is an exclusive award, given only by medical-grade independent laboratories. These are highly respected labs, registered with the FDA and the DEA, and ISO-certified. To earn the Safety Seal, products must pass tests for potency at the highest level. There must not be even the smallest trace of harmful bacteria, molds and mildew, pesticides, insecticides or heavy metals.” 
  • Is it made with living hemp? “Living hemp is a rare form of hemp that retains the best of the plant, so you get all of nature’s healing compounds. It is delicately produced by using the whole plant, and keeping it alive during the extraction process.”
  • Does it contain CBDA or just CBD?  “CBDA, the parent compound to CBD, is the main phytocannabinoid compound that offers major health benefits to the body. Unfortunately, most commercial extraction processes use temperature extremes and solvents that kill off the CBDA.”
  • How frequently is the product tested? “Every single bottle of the finished product should be tested. The manufacturer should also test the soil, water, seeds and all organic fertilizers to ensure the end product is made from the best-quality plants.” 

Ponomariovaite says her calling is to change the world, and the healing powers of hemp in its purest form are helping her achieve this mission. To learn more about CBDA versus CBD, and the benefits of living hemp, visit

Inesa Ponomariovaite is a holistic health practitioner and an expert on hemp and CBD. She is the founder and CEO of Nesa’s Hemp, a dominant player in the CBDa hemp oil industry. Ponomariovaite is also a visionary on a mission to change the world by teaching people to harness the power of nature, as she did, to restore their health and well-being.

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