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CBD: The New Secret Weapon for Runners

Recovering from a run is an essential part of any runner’s workout routine, and the use of CBD to aid …



What is the Ideal THC Level for Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis features a lot of advantages. But before we dive headfirst into the hazy smoke of medical cannabis, it’s …


CBD for ED

CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction: Finding the Best Products to Improve Sexual Function

CBD gummies have become increasingly popular recently, touted for their numerous health benefits. One of …

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Moonstone Stone Stopper™ Launches World’s First Kidney Stone Prevention Gummy

Moonstone Nutrition, a Pittsburgh-based startup, has added Stone Stopper™ +Immunity gummy to its line of kidney health …

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Tips for Planting Cannabis Seeds

There’s never been a better time to be a cannabis enthusiast in the United States. …

5 Ways to Consume Cannabis Besides Smoking copy

5 Ways to Consume Cannabis (Besides Smoking)

Cannabis is one of the oldest herbs to be used, and the first documented case …

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CBD Skincare Products: Do They Work?

CBD watchdog Leafreport is running a series of articles featuring interviews with CBD cosmetics companies …

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Top 5 Most Used Cannabis Accessories

With many states legalizing the use of cannabis, there are many things to consider before …

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Royal CBD Expands Product Lineup with Two New Offerings

The first half of 2019 was a great year for Royal CBD following the launch of its …


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The Perks of Implementing Zero Trust Access to Cannabis Businesses

Whether you’re considering a new security model or want to improve your existing security systems, …

Essential Analytical Instruments for Cannabis Businesses

Essential Analytical Instruments for Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry relies on a handful of technologies for success. These are the essential analytical instruments for cannabis businesses.