Top 5 Most Used Cannabis Accessories

With many states legalizing the use of cannabis, there are many things to consider before you use it. There are many different options when it comes to smoking cannabis and you may need to stock up on some extra accessories to make your smoking experience top-notch. 

Whether you are a novice cannabis user or someone who has been enjoying this herb for a long time, there’s always a need to brush up on the best accessories you might need before hosting a sesh either for you alone or when you’re gathering with friends. 

The world of cannabis accessories might seem overwhelming with a simple internet search but luckily it’s pretty straightforward. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 most used cannabis accessories that you may need to more fully engage with the herb of your choice. 

1. Grinders

Don’t waste your time, money, and product on cheap grinders. Having a grinder for your cannabis makes your smoking experience better. A great grinder will help you cut through the dry herb, sifting out the potent pollen from the bad chunks, leaving you with only the best herb to smoke and enjoy. (No more dirty smoke from you!) 

Taking the time to grind your herb gives also gives it more surface area to be exposed to your flame, and thus producing more smoke. More smoke makes the experience more enjoyable and will also result in faster results. WIth many grinder options on the market, there are many things to keep in mind before you build your collection.

Available at many price points, there isn’t a reason to settle with a bad grinder. A poorly made grinder’s blades aren’t sharp enough to give you the cut herb you’re looking for, and the blades will gum up, leaving you with less smokable cannabis than you started with, plus all the impurities will still be mixed in. You may as well cut up your herb by hand. 

A grinder is a fast great solution to get as much goodness as possible from your herb. You will want to properly care for your grinder, keeping it clean between use and making sure it is completely dry prior to use in order for the best experience. The method you use to smoke will inform you how fine you need to grind your product since a bong needs a coarser grind. 

 2. Bongs

Another icon in the cannabis world: the bong. These water pipes are a solid way to get a cool smooth smoke, a bong is closely related to the hookah which is generally used for smoking flavored tobacco. Bongs can be made from many times of materials and come in multiple sizes, though the most familiar are the hand-blown glass bongs. 

Using water to act as a percolator filter for your smoke which results in a much smoother toke. Because the smoke is smooth and cool, many cannabis users prefer this method of smoking over any other. Smoke from a bong feels less harsh than some of the other options after all. 

There are some downsides to using a bong, they aren’t as portable as some of the other accessories and because many are made of glass they are more prone to breakage if handled roughly. The other downside is that you have to clean your bong frequently for your health as dirty bong water is not only stinky but a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Cleaning your bong thoroughly after each use is important for both your health and to keep the smoking experience as pure as possible. Sure, this may not always happen in a timely manner, but attempting to keep your bong clean is a good goal to have. If you’re going to take the time to find that perfect strain of cannabis you want it to taste it’s best right? 

3. Rolling Papers

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The first choice for smoking cannabis has always been using rolling papers. These easy to use, thin papers are ideal for creating any sort of cigarette, whether tobacco or cannabis. With a thin layer of glue to help the paper adhere to itself, rolling papers are fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. Once you have mastered the iconic joint, you’ll always have a solid option for bud.

Did you know that there are flavored rolling papers available on the market? These offer a fun twist, leaving a lingering flavor on your lips. In fact, the sheer variety of choices of rolling papers can be overwhelming but here’s the good news: each pack is fairly inexpensive. So if it turns out you don’t care for the rolling papers you can try a different kind next time. 

Many rolling papers are made from fibrous materials like hemp, flax, or rice. This allows them to have a slower burning rate than regular paper making them perfect for cannabis blunts or joints. If you’re new to rolling or need a little extra help, there are even cone-shaped pre-rolled rolling papers! There is a rolling paper available for anyone’s needs. 

There are even filter tips available to par with your rolling papers to help you avoid getting left with a mouthful of cannabis. Remember as you start to use a smaller amount of cannabis in each paper so that the rolling paper is easier to manipulate!

4. Pipes

A cannabis pipe is the perfect in-between way to smoke a bowl wherever you are since they fit easily in your pocket or in a bag. Glass hand pipes are easily recognizable and even easier to use. Pipes can take a lot of shapes and designs but they all basically fit into two categories: carb or carb-less. 

The carb-less pipes are often referred to as “one-hit” pipes. A carb is a small hole that allows the excess smoke to clear the pipe. Pipes offer the benefit of less ash than a joint as well as a smoother smoking experience. Pipes offer very strong hits with no thc loss which makes them a popular smoking accessory. 

Pipes made of breakable materials need to be carried in protective cases, which can make them bulkier to carry than a joint but the quality of the experience is worth a little extra bulk on your person. 

If you can’t decide on whether a pipe is a good option for you, there’s always the option of a bubbler, which is the best of both worlds between a pipe and a bong. However, bubblers are difficult to clean and are still fragile. 

Another popular pipe option is a vape pen. While vaping cannabis is an altogether different experience from smoking, and there are both oil and dry herb vaping options, some people prefer vaping to the pipe smoking experience. Vaping is not odorless but it is more discreet then smoking if that is a primary concern of yours. 

5. Containers

No matter the method of smoking you prefer, you are going to need a storage container for your cannabis. Despite what you may have heard, keeping your herb in the fridge or freezer is going to leave you with dry, brittle, and flavorless product. If you are looking to store cannabis, even for a few hours, it’s best to keep it in an airtight container at room temperature.

There are many airtight storage options in various materials. You will have to decide what works best for your usage, but it is important that your cannabis remains around 50% humidity for the best storage. Light can also affect the herb’s quality so if you like a clear glass container, like a mason jar, you may want to consider wrapping it in a cloth to keep your cannabis out of the light. 

If you have amassed a collection of different strains, it is important that you use a separate container for each. Co-mingling can lead to flavors leeching into another variety and also cause them to lose their signature flavor. 

When you’re ready to move past a sandwich bag to store your cannabis, you will be impressed with the wide variety of stash storage available. Choosing a smaller storage container for your stash can help make sure that you’re not carrying more than the legal limit on your person as well. Containers can be incredibly discreet and smell-proof but they can also make a statement.

You can even find storage containers with pockets for your lighters and other accessories including grinders, which can be convenient for enjoying your cannabis on the go.  While glass is still the favorite storage container material, you can find UV resistant glass containers that keep the light (and prying eyes) out and some even have child-resistant seals. 


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When you’re well-stocked with your favorite cannabis and some of the top five most-used accessories, you will have an enjoyable smoking experience every time. Don’t limit yourself to old-school gear when you can expand your collection with high-quality accessories. 

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