The Different Types of CBD Products

The Different Types of CBD Products

The use of CBD products in their varying forms as a means of pain relief is growing in popularity as the stigma of CBD shrinks. These different products have a variety of effects or applications tailored to fight your desires or provide convenience depending on how you prefer to apply them. To help you find the form you like best, let’s go over the different types of CBD products available.

Oils and Tinctures

These are the most common of the different types of CBD products. A tincture is simply an oil-carried form of CBD that you use by placing drops of it under your tongue. While one can consume oils on their own, tinctures allow for additional ingredients like carrier oils that balance the potency and other additives, such as sweeteners and flavors, to counter the oil’s bitter taste.

Skin Topicals

CBD binds with our endocannabinoid receptors to reduce symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and pain. As such, CBD also has a topical form so that you can apply it directly to the specific parts of your body that are experiencing pain or irritation. Skin has an abundance of endocannabinoid receptors, making topicals effective for CBD application.

Capsules and Pills

For a more traditional form, you can buy CBD in a capsulated or pill form, much like you’d find for common medicines or supplements. These pills can come in soft gels or two-piece capsules that contain various components for a customized product. They work much like tinctures since they require a carrier oil to help your body better absorb the effects of the CBD.

Vaping and Edibles

If you vape, then an easy solution is to switch to CBD vape cartridges that give you all the benefits of CBD without the THC that gets you high. Otherwise, a better way to consume CBD is by incorporating it into your cooking for a more “DIY” approach that masks the bitter taste of CBD oils. However, for a more convenient edible, a variety of candies and baked goods are available with CBD in them.

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