What is a Marijuana Dispensary?

A marijuana dispensary in Oregon

There are many misconceptions about marijuana dispensaries and the people who work in them. A lot of these myths come from old stereotypes that have been perpetrated by Hollywood movies, news reports, and even some politicians.

But if you want to know what it really means to be a medical cannabis patient or dispensary owner, read on!

The first thing we need to do is dispel some common myths:

1) Medical Cannabis Patients Are All Hippies And Dopers

You might think all those stoners out there getting high with their bud are just lazy slackers doing nothing productive during their spare time but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that patients are busy working hard at finding relief for themselves as well as others around them. There’s no way they could get high while being so engaged and focused on helping other people. So don’t judge them based on their appearance and actions because not only are they real people with jobs and families but also dedicated individuals trying to make life better for themselves and everyone else around them.

2) Weed Is For People Who Don’t Have Jobs

Research shows that workers who consume marijuana prior to starting their day actually perform better and complete tasks faster than sober employees. On top of that, an employee who uses marijuana isn’t going to cause problems around the workplace either; he or she will simply take longer breaks throughout the day which doesn’t affect productivity.

3) Legalization Will Lead To More Crime

Another misconception surrounding the legalization of cannabis is that it leads to increased crime rates. Even though this may seem logical given our country’s history with prohibition, it’s important to remember that we haven’t had a drug policy similar to today’s in nearly 70 years. When drugs weren’t illegal, they didn’t lead to violence and crime – they led to education campaigns aimed at educating the public.

What Is the Difference Between a Medical Marijuana Dispensary and a Recreational Dispensary?

Medical marijuana dispensaries exist solely to provide medical marijuana products to qualified patients. They must meet strict guidelines set up by state regulators before they can open their doors.

In most states, patients must register with the State Department of Health Care Services. This allows DHCS to keep track of your records and ensure that you receive quality care when visiting a medical marijuana dispensary. Once registered, you then submit proof of diagnosis such as a doctor’s prescription or lab test results.

You also pay a fee every year after registering. It also varies depending on how much money you earn each year and whether you qualify for financial assistance.

Recreational marijuana dispensaries operate differently. Instead of providing medical services, recreational dispensaries sell weed to anyone over 21 years old. These shops often look like regular retail stores selling clothing, electronics and any number of things that aren’t related to pot whatsoever.

Many choose to use these locations as fronts for their own businesses and offer discounts to customers referred by friends or family members. Some companies hire staff specifically to recruit new customers through social media sites like Facebook. Others advertise heavily online and offline using billboards and flyers. Regardless of how they market themselves, recreational dispensaries usually require less paperwork and registration compared to medical marijuana facilities.

However, unlike legitimate medical marijuana clinics, recreational outlets typically lack regulation and oversight making it harder for consumers to trust them.

What Products Can You Find at Dispensaries?

At both types of establishments, you’ll find many different strains of cannabis flower. There are two main categories: Sativa and Indica.

The former has more stimulating properties while the latter tends to be sedating. Other varieties include hybrids, chemotypes and CBD-rich strains. Depending upon where you live, you should expect to see flowers ranging from 1/8th of an ounce all the way up to several pounds per strain.

While some dispensaries have large selections available, others specialize in one particular type of product. For example, if you want edibles instead of flower, you might need to visit a shop specializing in gummies or brownies. If you prefer concentrates, you could head straight to the section dedicated to hash oil or shatter.

Some dispensaries will allow you to choose your preferred method of consumption whereas others may offer everything under one roof. Most dispensaries also carry pre-rolled joints and other accessories including vaporizers and bongs.

If you decide to purchase something from a dispensary, remember to bring ID and always keep an eye on your cash. Most places require customers to show photo identification before allowing them access to payment devices.

So where should you go for quality medical marijuana? Here are some tips:

• Go to reputable sources – ask friends or family members for recommendations or look at online forums for reviews. Make sure you check references too!

• Avoid sketchy-looking shops – most legitimate establishments won’t try to rip off unsuspecting visitors. Look for signs displaying information regarding product prices, locations and opening hours.

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